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Our Mission & Values

Our school harmoniously brings together our children, parents & educators to cultivate an inspiring learning experience rooted in an Islamic ethos.

At Harmony Primary school, our aim is to deliver a comprehensive and holistic approach to learning, by giving our pupils the opportunity to perceive, understand and respond to the world in which they live through their natural curiosity and desire for exploration.

We strive to provide a safe and engaging learning environment for all our pupils and we seek to support them through the interactive delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum, rooted in an Islamic ethos.

At Harmony Primary school, expert subject knowledge meets an ambitious curriculum, which results in the development of a programme that works at the pace of each individual learner; tailored to suit their varying needs and suitably challenging to help them excel.

These ambitious aims are realised through our dedication to maintaining small class sizes and our selective recruitment of teachers.

Our Students’ sense of identity is formed and developed by the social and physical environment of their early education. Successful and positive early learning experiences help nurture confident young adults, who are equipped with the necessary tools for success in a fast-changing world.

Our Vision

“Harmony Primary School creates a nurturing environment, one in which pupils are challenged to achieve, aspire to excel and strive to exceed expectations.”

Challenged to Achieve

An education at Harmony Primary School is based upon academic rigour in a harmonious and peaceful learning environment. Through a combination of excellent teaching, using the key themes of learning through exploration, calculated risk-taking and developing creativity, students at Harmony Primary School thrive under the careful guidance of their teachers and support staff.

Strive to Exceed Expectations

Our children demand to be stimulated and challenged by their teachers. We, in turn, set high expectations, facilitating for them to all aim high and to work to the best of their abilities. We hope that the children can go forward to achieve their fullest potential in whichever field of further study or work they choose. Our belief in them, fuels their motivation and spurs them to fulfil their goals, on an academic and a personal level.

Aspire to Excel

We are proud of the academic achievements of our learners, alongside their positive contributions to our local communities. Our young ambassadors, are given the keys to their own success: they exude confidence with a quiet determination.

Our Values


We seek to foster strong links within the wider community and we actively encourage our children to celebrate commonality and appreciate difference. Harmony Primary School places the student at the heart of the community through a wide variety of outreach programmes and through links with local schools and community groups.


We motivate students and teachers to strive for excellence in all their endeavours; both academic and extra-curricular. Through setting high expectations for learning and supporting the learners with a range of activities in our after-school club programme, we aim to offer a holistic approach to personal success.


At Harmony Primary School, discipline is closely linked to our reward and sanction system. This element of our ethos is one that relies on a strong relationship between parents and teachers to maintain a sense of consistency for the young learners. We strive to instil a good work ethic in all our pupils through a transparent behaviour policy and through positive reinforcement.


Our commitment to providing an outstanding academic curriculum that is broad and balanced, with equal opportunities for every pupil, is a core part of our ethos. Our pedagogy enables pupils to aim high in an environment that nurtures their wellbeing and development.


We cultivate respectful attitudes between students, teachers, parents, carers and the wider community. We are dedicated to promoting a safe environment where pupils can thrive as individuals while understanding their responsibilities to the wider school community. Our emphasis in encouraging social consciousness links to the commitments we have made through both timetabled subjects and our extra-curricular programme.