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Our curriculum has a strong focus on English Language and Communication: we uphold the traditional values of instilling within our children the ability to articulate themselves clearly and respectfully whilst focusing on the corresponding skill of attentive listening. Our phonics programme is both rigorous and methodological in approach; combining the framework of the Department of Education’s Letters and Sounds curriculum, alongside a holistic, whole-school, guided reading pathway. We strongly believe that for a child to succeed in any subject, they require suitable access to the content of study through sound comprehension. In addition, they ought to be equipped with the necessary skills to express themselves, both with high levels of oracy and literacy. Our programme of study in English is mapped to the National Curriculum and students are expected to perform to a high standard.

In KS1, we aim to captivate the students’s imaginations through a range of exciting and engaging texts, many of which the children will memorise through the course of the lessons, through their repeating patterns. At the start of KS2, the students are expected to learn about stories from other cultures and to broaden their understanding of key grammatical concepts. By year 6, pupils are instilled with a strong love of learning through literature, are well versed with the work of a number of modern and traditional British authors and are able to make valuable analyses on the books they read.