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Students at Harmony Primary School are equipped with the necessary skills to develop a natural flair in mathematics. In KS1, students acquire a solid foundation in a range of mathematical concepts, including place value, money and time. The student’s interest is sparked through ‘hands-on’ learning opportunities in measurement and capacity, including measuring real life objects around the school. Students start the important journey of learning their times tables in year 1, with the intention that this will be consolidated and completed (up to the 12 times tables) by year 4. In KS2, students delve into new topics relating to fractions and decimals and build on their knowledge of shape and multi-stop problems using the four operations. By year 6, pupils will be confident with using maths in a range of everyday scenarios; applying their knowledge in real-life situations in an adept manner, with ease.  They are expected to be able to draw graphs to map data and to solve problems using algebra.